Staying Fit During the Holidays

With the cooler temperatures and shorter days comes the start of the holiday season. Time seems to fly by between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the transition into the new year. Also with the holiday season comes time spent at family gatherings and work functions, which typically also means food, oftentimes lots of food. It can become difficult to stay committed to your fitness program and healthy eating habits during this time. Here are a few rules to follow that will help get you through the holiday season.


1. Moderation is key

There's no shortage of temptations that are passed around the holiday dinner table. While it may be tempting to binge eat everything in sight with the self-promise that you'll work it off later, the latter probably won't happen after you fall into a deep post-binge food coma. Rather than doing this and questioning why you made this decision, opt for the practice of moderation. Enjoy the typical holiday foods, but do so in moderation. This means eating normal portions, not seeing how much food you can pile on a single plate.


2. Get your workout in early

Things tend to get hectic in the hours before the holiday festivities kick off. The house needs to be cleaned, dishes need to be prepped, etc. With all of this going on there won't be much thought or time to think about working out. Avoid this by getting your workout in first thing that morning. Whether it's a slow long-distance run, a quick interval training session, or a visit to the weights, getting this knocked out early will give you the rest of the afternoon to focus on holiday-related matters. Completing an early morning workout session will also rev the metabolism for a few hours after your workout.


3. Use a support network

Workouts always seem easier when you have someone to do them with. Having a workout partner also helps on the commitment side. If you don't have a workout partner to stick with you then let others know about your intentions. This helps to create a sense of accountability on your end. You can also make posts on social media to show others. Post a picture to Instagram while you're out on a trail run or bike ride or check in at your local gym on Facebook. Doing anything besides sitting on the couch after you promised that you would go out and do something.


Enjoy the holiday season. Enjoy spending time with others. Enjoy the great life that you have been given. If you end up getting a little sidetracked just be sure to readjust your path back towards your intended goals. Stay committed and Happy Thanksgiving from MFF.