Surviving the Holidays

We are only a few days away from Christmas. That means you are probably being bombarded with food temptations at work parties and family gatherings. Traditionally, this is the time when most people tend to ease off their diet and put on a few pounds because of it. Then when New Year’s rolls around in a week or so they’ll be the first ones rushing to trying and get that weight off. Today I’m going to outline a tactic you probably don’t hear too much in the fitness industry.


So what is the right thing to do when it comes to all of these parties and get togethers? The obvious and traditional answer is to not eat 90% of the foods people bring to these parties. But do you want to be the person in the corner eating your pre-packed Tupperwear meal? If you’re okay with that, then go for it, but I think there’s more to life than eating chicken, rice, and broccoli all the time.


You can enjoy the foods that everyone else brings and avoid falling off the train too much. The key is moderation and staying strong with your workouts. Make it a priority to get a tough workout in before the party or before your shift. Use the food at the party as your reward for getting through a tough workout. When it comes to party time, don’t be the one that goes in for your third or fourth plate of ham, cheesy potatoes, and deserts. Graze a bit, try everything, and have fun.


What I Do

I always like to program my long cardio workouts right around the major holidays. My Thanksgiving and Christmas runs are usually around 10 miles. Knowing that there will be an array of holiday foods later in the day helps me get through the workout. In a way, it sort of feels like I earned the right to relax a little because I completed such a hard workout.

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