The Art of Getting Results

We all exercise for different reasons. Some people want to lose weight so they can keep up with their kids. Others want to improve their physical performance on the job. Still others just want to look better naked. When these things don’t happen we tend to get frustrated and begin to slack off, assuming that it’s just not in our cards to live an active lifestyle.


The assumptions that it’s just not for you is bullshit. All of us can get the results we want if we put in enough effort, time, and dedication. The truth in all of this is that it takes hard work to get to that level. Think about it for a second. If losing weight or setting a new weightlifting personal best was easy, everyone would be doing it.


It’s all about getting results, because that is what will motivate you to keep coming back. To start seeing the results you want, you first need to know what it is you’re after. What physical or mental change are you looking to get out of a fitness routine? What improvement will keep you coming back for more? You need hard data that can be tracked and measured over time. Is it pounds lost, inches lost, or more weight lifted? Whatever it is, we need to be able to measure it so we can track your progress over time.


Once you know your reason for working out, you can create a plan that will get you there. This involves creating small checkpoints along the way that will let you know if you’re staying on track. If your goal is to drop 4 inches off your waist, your first checkpoint might be losing half an inch off your waist at the end of your first month. This measurement at the end of the month will let you know if you’re on track, ahead of track, or if you need to readjust your eating/exercise.


There will be times when you get off track. Your monthly checkpoints might come up short. It’s important not to get frustrated at this point and completely give up. You want to hit the majority of your checkpoints, but everyone falls off at one time or another. Stay committed, stay focused, and make sure to monitor your progress at least monthly. This is how results are created.


Jon Griffith specializes in optimizing performance for firefighters & police. Jon is a personal trainer, firefighter, and former U.S. Army infantryman. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and 3 cats.

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