Opt For The Double Black Diamond

If you’re new to skiing you’re not going to immediately go running for a double black diamond trail. You’ll probably start out on a few bunny hills and gradually work your way up in difficulty. Life is kind of the same way. You’re not going to set a goal of expecting to lose 50 pounds in a single month, at least I hope you don’t.


That being said, I see a lot of people that set their goals and expectations too low. It’s as if they never venture away from the safety of the bunny hills, opting instead for the safety and security of staying in their comfort zone. This leads to a life of familiarity. One that is predictable, safe, and quite frankly, boring.


It’s time to ask yourself, “What am I afraid of? What comfort zones have I stayed in simply because I know there’s little chance of failure?”


Look, I get it. Failure can be deterring. It doesn’t always create the best feeling when you fail at something. But you only have one life. Your time here is finite and has been ticking down since the second you were born. You’re in a race against the clock, and spoiler alert, Mother Nature will win every time.


You need to start thinking bigger. You need to start venturing outside of your comfort zone into the things that are unfamiliar and oftentimes scary as shit. The more you expose yourself to something, the more comfortable you will become. Your comfort zone starts to expand little by little. What you’ll find is the thing you’ve been afraid of aren’t really as scary as your mind made it out to be.


Start living your life outside the comfort zone. Do something every day that scares you at least a little bit. This is where self-improvement happens. Opt for the double black diamond challenge of life because you’re capable of much more than you can even begin to imagine.  


Jon Griffith specializes in optimizing performance for firefighters & police. Jon is a personal trainer, firefighter, and former U.S. Army infantryman. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and 3 cats.

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