Celebrating the Little Things

Fourth of July was a few days ago. Amidst the BBQs and beach-goings, what did you celebrate?


We get caught up in a world of always wanting more. Scroll through social media for 30 seconds and you’ll be inundated with people putting forth their best dramatization of their dream life. It’s just a part of the society we live in today. We want everyone to think that we’re living the dream life, even if that might not be the reality. It’s just human nature.


Amongst all of this, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that you need more. More money, a bigger house, a faster car, a greener lawn. It’s a constant comparison to those around of, even if we don’t know them on a personal level. This constant push for more tends to make us forget about the things that we do have. A house that’s bigger enough, a car that gets us from Point A to Point B, a job that supports our family, and so on.


If we forget about the bigger things we already have, than we certainly forget about the things that are often not tangible. Freedom, happiness, security, stability. The list goes on, but these are a few of the more popular ones that people forget about. So as we push further into summer, spend some time reflecting on what you already have. What little things in your life are you thankful for that you tend to completely forget about?


Start each of your mornings off by thinking of 2-3 things that you are thankful for. It could be a simple as a cup of coffee and seeing the sun rise. Starting the day from a place of gratitude will set the tone for the rest of the day. Don’t forget to celebrate the little things.


Jon Griffith specializes in optimizing performance for firefighters & police. Jon is a personal trainer, firefighter, and former U.S. Army infantryman. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and 3 cats.

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