You Only Live Once

YOLO. Do you remember that lovely saying?


Luckily, I feel like the saying has finally died off, but the concept behind it remains. It’s a stupid saying, but it has a lot of meaning and potential behind it. Let’s talk about a hypothetically scenario. What if you wrote “YOLO” on a Post-It note and but it on your bathroom mirror, where you would see it multiple times throughout the day. Would that change the intensity in which you go after your goals and desires?


You might be thinking to yourself that it’s the dumbest idea ever. I blame that on the saying. To be clear, it doesn’t have to be that exact saying. What I’m getting at here is that sometimes we all need a little reminder of what we’re going after. That life here is finite and that even a few blinks of the eye can mean a number of opportunities passing your by.


The worst thing to live with is regret. The regret of knowing that you were capable of much more, but spent too much time scrolling through Facebook or sitting your ass in front of the TV for hours on end to make anything happen. That wasted time in the past is gone. You’ll never get that back. Don’t fret on it because there’s nothing you can do about it.


What you can do is to start making every day from here on out count for something. To establish goals and objectives and then go out and actually do something to make them a reality. Do something to give yourself that little reminder every day that you need to make the day worth it. It can be YOLO, it can be a motivational quote, it can be a picture of a trip you want to go on. Just stop wasting your time on things that are meaningless and start living like you only have one life.


Jon Griffith specializes in optimizing performance for firefighters & police. Jon is a personal trainer, firefighter, and former U.S. Army infantryman. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and 3 cats.

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