“Uncover Your Summer Body in Less Than 30 Minutes a Day”

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your summer 6-pack starts today!

You’ve had the feeling before. June rolls around and you’re frantically rushing to shed the fat that’s been building up all winter. You Google “how to lose weight quick,” only to find article after article of crash diets and products that never seem to work. Defeated, you just accept that fact that it will be another summer of keeping your shirt on at the beach.

People who set fitness goals have given up on them an average of 4 times in the past.”

But it doesn’t have to turn out that way. Close your eyes and imagine how fantastic you would look and feel if you had started when you should have. You walk around a little taller with that extra spark of confidence. Your family and friends compliment you on your new look. Your spouse even seems a little more attracted to that new body of yours! Pretty awesome right?

Now the good news. Not only is this possible, but it’s easier than you might think. The thing is, you have to get started now!!! No more procrastinating, no more making excuses, no more accepting that you’ll never shed that stubborn fat. A defined 6-pack lies underneath that fat, and I want to help bring yours out! It all starts with the 6-Week Spring Challenge.

Using a single kettlebell, I’ll teach you how to:

  • accelerate your metabolism

  • enhance your mood & energy levels

  • Gain confidence & shed fat

  • free up more time for what you love

I’ll check in with you each week of the challenge to monitor your progress. With this program you can work out at home, at the gym, at the park, pretty much anywhere you can take a kettlebell! Are you ready to make this the best summer of your life? It all starts today. Make the leap!

6-Week Spring Challenge
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Meet your trainer

I’m Jon, certified trainer and owner of Max Fortitude Fitness! We’ll be working together to help make 2019 your most successful year yet. I look forward to interacting directly with you and I can’t wait to see what you can accomplish!