Coach Jon

Founder, Max Fortitude Fitness

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer

  • CrossFit L-1 Trainer

  • Bachelors, Exercise Science

  • Masters, Business Administration

Our Mission

To ensure first responders are ready to meet the strenuous challenges they face every day.

Why we’re different

Max Fortitude Fitness concentrates on the needs of those serving on the front lines: Firefighters, Law Enforcement, EMS, Doctors, Nurses, and military personnel. As a former U.S. Army infantryman and current firefighter, Jon knows how different life is for you compared to the general public.

Just like the tools on your 1st-due engine, the gear on your duty belt, the equipment in your ER, and the load on your plate carrier, everything we deliver serves a purpose. There's no room for useless shit. We don't use big, bulky machines in any of our programs. Our programs are 100% functional, designed to improve your performance both on and off duty, require minimal equipment, and can all be competed in less time than it takes to watch a Netflix show.

Our Story

In 2011 Jon’s unit deployed to a patrol base in Iraq. One of many challenges was figuring out how to stay in shape. Below is a little glimpse of the "gym." Using innovation and a bit of creativity they used what was available to create quality workouts. Jon started to wonder if he could use this same mindset to help others. After years of brainstorming and countless revisions, Max Fortitude Fitness was born. You might not have a fancy gym membership or access to the highest quality equipment, but that doesn't mean shit. Whether you have no equipment at all, a few pieces lying around, or a full gym membership, we have a program to help you.